Sir Martin Sorrell
Founder and CEO, WPP

Sir Martin Sorrell founded WPP, the world’s largest advertising and marketing services group in 1985 and has been chief executive throughout.

WPP companies, which include some of the most eminent agencies in the business, provide clients with advertising, media investment management, data investment management, public relations and public affairs, branding and identity, healthcare communications, direct, digital, promotion and relationship marketing and specialist communications services. 

Today WPP is the world leader in advertising and marketing services, and proud parent to many of the industry's biggest and most admired agencies. The group employs over 200,000 people in 113 countries, and its clients include 350 of the Fortune Global 500, all 30 of the Dow Jones 30, 63 of the NASDAQ 100 and 31 of the Fortune e-50.