Shopper Marketing and the Data Advantage
Taught by Quotient

Today’s brands face intense pressure to deliver increasinglyhigher ROI goals. Those goals fall in part on the Shopper Marketer teams, which naturally are seeking creative and powerful ways to drive higher sales. This Master Class will focus on the continuing evolution of Shopper Marketing initiatives in this age of data. Marketers have more options than ever to take advantage of both first and second-party data, and it’s critical to for them to understand different data sources as they strive to create successful campaigns that drive sales.

That’s where Quotient comes in. We are a leading promotion and media company that let’s brands and retailers reach consumers at the right time and the right place by leveraging our exclusive data – a mix of in-store transaction and online data. In this session, we will present an overview of the digital opportunities for Shopper Marketers and drill down into strategies that can help all brand marketers.