The Purchase Funnel is Dead, Long Live
the Cycle, aka Does Your Brand Have Momentum?

Taught by MEC

Consumers’ path to purchase is becoming more complex and less linear, more mobile and increasingly influencer driven. Yet approaches for understanding the purchase journey commonly focus on the Active stage to move consumers to purchase. How do we best place “thumb-stopping” content at all different stages of the cycle to influence the chances of someone choosing your brand over your competitors? MEC Momentum, the agency’s award-winning consumer purchase model, shows that in-store touchpoints are just as important for building Passive Stage Bias during daily life as they are for driving sales in the Active Stage, with up to 73% of consumers already making up their mind before going near a store. Pele Cortizo-Burgess (Chief Creative Officer) and Annie Moore-Serlin (Managing Partner, Planning) will share key case studies and the insights gathered from 63 categories and over 300,000 respondents that are transforming how its clients are designing communication strategies.