Sweat the Small Stuff: How Incremental Optimization Leads to Incredible Results
Taught by Content Analytics

Shoppers are increasingly flocking to the internet to shop. They’re more mobile and more connected. As a result, brands and retailers are playing a game of details to get their products on page one, in the buy box, and ultimately in the cart. Content quality and analytics is the name of the game and gaining control over your content and channels is crucial to winning.

In this Master Class, you’ll learn why quality content matters, how you can truly optimize your content, and how you can use the power of analytics to gain control over your eCommerce channels. You’ll learn best practices for improving content quality and channel management, winning the buy box, and ensuring your items are in-stock. We’ll share real success stories, including how one brand used analytics to take action and increase retailer shipments by 39%, how another reduced their out of stock rates by 84%, and one company identified $15,000 per day of inventory going unsold or to third-party resellers.

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