Social Media’s Next Big Shift: From Shoppable to Buyable
Taught by CATALYST

Consumers’ needs for instant gratification, fulfillment services, and customized experiences are creating a tipping point for social, evolving it from a influence moment to a conversion moment. These trends in macro and digital consumer behavior signal an imminent social media shift from shoppable to buyable. In this new world, consumers can buy brands’ products directly from social ads, enjoying a seamless off-domain shopping experience. Are you ready to capitalize on this change and make social a key eCommerce channel for your brand? Join Catalyst’s Head of Social, Kieley Taylor, as she discusses what you need to know to position your brand for success in the world of shoppable and buyable social. Key takeaways include:

  • Importance of an Audience First Approach: Regardless of shoppable or buyable, adopting an Audience First approach to social is the first step in creating a paid social campaign that delivers real business results. Learn how to prevent wasted investments and improve social media ROI through content planning based on audience attributes. Receive strategies and tips for developing content that fills the funnel, not the newsfeed.

  • From Shoppable to Buyable: Audiences will receive insight into the differences between shoppable and buyable, and what factors are pushing social closer to buyable.  See examples of brands and platforms that are innovating in both areas and reaping the benefits of shoppable and buyable campaigns.

  • Tools for Success: From payment processors to universal carts, brands need specific tools and technologies to prepare for a social buyable world. Learn what capabilities brands need to develop to drive sales in this new world.   

Attendees will leave this masterclass with industry data and real-life retail examples to help them prepare for a future eCommerce ecosystem that includes a myriad of webstores available across platforms and devices.