Reviews Data and Content:  a wealth of Insights
at Scale

Taught by Bazaarvoice

Websites are full of consumer Reviews on products and services, and Bazaarvoice powers half a billion of these Reviews over 5,000 brands and retailers sites. While you may know the basic analytics of your Reviews data, chances are you’ve barely scratched the surface on the deep data and insights that can be uncovered at massive scale.  Reviews and other Consumer-Generated Content can surface great stories about what your current consumers think of your brands and products right now, and once you can learn more from Reviews, you can solve a wider range of business challenges for your Clients.  Our goal with this Master Class is to help you find those insights and stories, and share how to activate key strategies, from new product development, to content amplification on paid, owned and in-store channels, even to finding active shoppers and delivering more personalized messages.  

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