5 Keys to a Connected Consumer Experience…and a View of What’s Next.
Taught by VML

The essential lessons in creating experiences that join the digital and physical dots for consumers and brands, plus a sneak peek at the future.

Brands and retailers are increasingly in pursuit of the perfect Connected Consumer Experience – experiences that seamlessly span online and offline, from pre-store to in-store to post-purchase. In the process, the aim is to make shopping easier and more enjoyable, and increase engagement and revenue. In this Masterclass, we’ll reveal the 5 Keys to a Connected Consumer Experience, illustrated with case studies from clients such as Ford, Sprint and Electrolux. We’ll also provide a quick look at what’s to come, informed from recent VML and WPP global research.

What you will walk away with:  A “cheat sheet” of what to consider in creating a Connected Consumer Experience, and insight into what’s around the corner.

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