If you’re not first you are last…Is your ecommerce house in order?
Taught by Kantar Consulting

Valuable lessons for leaders of both retailers and manufacturers on how to improve ecommerce trade relations and drive greater conversion along the digital path to purchase and at point of e-sale.

We are living in a retail environment that is in a constant state of change and it can be difficult to keep up, let alone, know where to place your strategic bets.  Join Kantar Consulting to better understand how to unlock courageous growth by improving your return on change.  Kantar Consulting will share insights into best in class practices and some new frameworks and assets you can leverage to get your ecommerce house in order.

What you will walk away with: A clear understanding of which retailers and manufacturers are considered “best in class” in ecommerce and why and what YOU need to be doing to catch-up with the leaders.


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