Beyond the Click: The Hidden Connections Between Human Behavior and Purchases
Taught by Jumpshot

Powered by a 100-million-member consumer panel, Jumpshot offers the most precise way to unlock human behavior online. Eli Goodman, VP of Sales at Jumpshot, will present new techniques in marketing analytics that deliver digital intelligence from the internet’s most valuable walled gardens, where 54% of purchases occur and where marketers have limited data. Using Jumpshot’s behavioral data, Eli will detail shifts in purchases among Amazon and Walmart’s product categories during the last year. Using more precise metrics to show competitive performance between retail sites Eli will walk through comparing conversion funnels and cross-site visitation to reveal more effective strategic opportunities.

What you will walk away with: Learn how to separate the signal from the noise when it comes to understanding the impact of digital campaigns on conversions and share of voice in walled garden marketplaces.


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