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Taught by Dabbl

A brief history of the relationship between media, advertising and consumers, what happens next and why it's better than Don Draper ever dreamed.

The predecessors of today’s CMO’s had a significantly easier job – they simply had to tell a great story. Media plans could be trusted to deliver that story to real people, which created demand. Retailer’s responded to that demand by making sure those in-demand brands were prominently on display in their stores. Sales and margins went increased, along with brand equity.   
Today brands spend a tremendous amount of time of their time validating their media and distribution supply chains. Creative comes into the conversation more often as the scapegoat for lost consumer attention. Dreams of direct-to-consumer commerce create hope for a simpler future, but available options come with further risk of margin and even less brand control over a virtual "shelf" with infinite options.  
The key to a brighter, more satisfying future for all of us lies in understanding and questioning fundamental assumptions that worked for broadcast, but hold us back from the true value of digital. It's time to stop complaining about what is and start creating something better, and consumers are the ones who will showing us the way.
What you will walk away with:  Hope, Excitement and Ideas for how they can realize their own personal creative and powerful future 

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