Shopper Insights to Transform Your Brand: What they want…Why? And did they buy?
Taught by Bazaarvoice

With today’s fragmented purchase journey and Amazon accounting for close to half of online retail sales, reaching the right consumers with the appropriate message has never been more important. But how can brands and retailers leverage the right dataset to further connect with customers? At Bazaarvoice, we see the behavior for over 800MM shoppers monthly giving us unique insight into how consumers shop, why they shop, when they shop, and what resonates with them. From shopper behavior data to sentiment analysis, we’ll dive into how leading brands and retailers use these insights to connect with shoppers throughout the journey.

What you will walk away with: Learn how to win at retail everywhere outside Amazon: an understanding of the variety of ways brands and retailers can leverage data and insights throughout the shopper journey to both improve the customer experience and further connect with target customers.


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